Who we are

Crime Stoppers South Australia is an independent community organisation and registered charity.

We work with police, government, media, our valued corporate partners and the community to help solve and reduce crime. For 25 years we’ve been the trusted service when it comes to collecting information about unsolved crime and suspicious activity from the public, and passing on those details to police to help keep communities and families safe.


What we do

Crime Stoppers allows you to share what you know about unsolved crime and suspicious activity without saying who you are or getting involved, so you can have peace of mind while still playing your part for the South Australian community. You don’t have to leave your personal details, your call isn’t recorded or traced and, if making an online report, your IP address isn’t recorded.

In addition to the police, Crime Stoppers works with the SA Government, Federal Government and trusted organisations that share our commitment to a safer South Australia to develop and deliver crime detection campaigns, as well as prevention and education programs on topics such as bushfire arson and online fraud.


How you’ve helped

Since 1996, information provided by the community to Crime Stoppers has directly helped to solve more than 34,000 crimes.

Your calls and online contacts have helped to identify drug labs and dealers, catch wanted fugitives, solve arsons, thefts and robberies, and apprehend criminals wanted for violent assaults and murders.

We know that one call can make a real difference, so it is important that if you see something or hear something – then say something.


How we work with police

Crime Stoppers is not a department of South Australia Police, but we do work closely and pass your information onto them for investigation. Information about criminals and their activities can be made by calling 1800 333 000 or by submitting what you know online.


What happens to your information

After you have provided us with information about unsolved crimes or suspicious activities , it is reviewed by specially-trained Crime Stoppers operators to make sure that nothing can identify you if you have chosen to remain anonymous.

Your information is then passed to the relevant section within South Australia Police for action. Your contact with us is not taped, traced or identified in any way.


Our national network

In Australia, a Crime Stoppers program operates in all eight police jurisdictions and they are considered to be a vital and intrinsic component of the national law enforcement landscape.

Our parent organisation, Crime Stoppers Australia, has a Board of Directors made up from representatives from each State and Territory plus a representative of the Australian Police Commissioners.

Crime Stoppers Australia coordinates national appeals and programs designed to seek public support in reporting crime and criminal activities, especially for cross-border crimes such as illicit drug manufacture, importation and distribution, fugitives and outlaw motorcycle gangs.

How it all began

In 1976 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a detective was frustrated by a lack of progress for an investigation into the shooting murder of a young college student during a service station robbery.

With a lack of witnesses, a re-enactment of the murder was shown on the local TV station and people with information were promised anonymity and the possibility of a cash reward if the information led to an arrest.

That appeal saw a person come forward who had seen a car driving off, and reported that it belonged to a resident in a nearby apartment complex. Acting on that information, two men were arrested and charged with the murder and a string of armed robberies less than 72 hours later.

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We provide reporting services that ensure the right information reaches the right people.

Reporting is confidential - we only need your information to solve the crime, not your name.

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