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If you are a teacher, then we encourage you to explore our free Civics & Citizenship resources developed to help Year 7-10 students have a positive attitude towards their role in society.

Crime Stoppers supports the view that Australian schooling should encourage a sense of community engagement in students by increasing their potential to be informed, responsible, ethical and active participants in society.

Key benefits of using these resources:

  • Created by education experts;
  • Fulfils the needs of teachers to have high quality, Australian curriculum aligned materials;
  • Themes and resources support Civics and Citizenship content descriptions and key concepts as described in the Australian Curriculum: Humanities and Social Sciences; namely; Democratic ValuesThe Westminster System, JusticeParticipation, and Rights and Responsibilities; 
  • Lesson ideas within each theme can be taught in any order to best suit the interest and needs of students; and
  • Each theme pack can be either downloaded as a pdf or accessed online here (or via Scootle).

Otherwise, to go to a particular teaching theme, click on one of the icons below:

Active Citizenship Cybercrime and the Law
Democratic Values Law Enforcement, Courts and the Role of Citizens
Laws and Crime Why Crime Stoppers works