As one of SA’s most trusted not-for-profit charities, Crime Stoppers SA makes a real difference when it comes to solving and preventing crime.

Crime can affect the entire community and impact on the confidence of the state. It’s critical to have an integrated effort to help solve crime and report suspicious activity – and we are proud to play a vital part.

Of course, as an independent charity, we can’t achieve our remarkable results without support from the community, government and businesses that share common goals and values.

We know that 82% of Australians feel safer knowing Crime Stoppers is here to share what you know without saying who you are.

In fact, the economic value of Crime Stoppers to Australia has been estimated as $170m, with an additional $66m in added value from drugs being seized, property returned, and crimes being prevented.

That means for every dollar invested in Crime Stoppers delivers an outstanding economic return of $11.15

So, be part of a safer South Australia and work in partnership with Crime Stoppers to make that happen.

Please send an email to [email protected] to find out how you can be part of a better community!

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