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CASE PROFILE – Juan Morgan

Posted on 02/01/2023

Juan Morgan was 15 year’s old when he went missing in 1992.

Police identified him as missing in 1999 when investigating the disappearances of David McWilliams, Leo Daly and Robert Pendergast.

With Juan identified as missing, enquiries were made with relatives, who confirmed he had not been seen since 1992.

It is believed sometime soon after 25 February 1992 Juan was taken to an unknown location, possibly in the eastern region of country South Australia where he was shot, killed and his body buried.

It is believed Juan’s murder was motivated due to him stealing a car from a criminal associate and damaging property.

There are at least two suspects for Juan’s murder that are known to police. At least one of the suspects is also believed to be involved in the disappearances and suspected murders of Leo Daly, David McWilliams and Robert Pendergast.

The key suspect in the suspected murders was the ringleader of a group of men involved in a variety of crimes, including car theft and rebirthing, drug-dealing and importation, stolen goods property-related offences and standover tactics throughout the 1990s.

As part of the long-running investigation, several stolen cars, firearms, drugs and other stolen items have been seized.

There is insufficient information at this stage to charge any person with Juan’s murder or those of the other three victims.

A reward of up to $1,000,000 is on offer for information that leads to a successful conviction or recovery of the victim’s remains.



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