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Crime Stoppers South Australia plays an active role in media, promoting unsolved crimes and encouraging people to provide information anonymously with the option of a reward.

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CASE PROFILE – Tanja Ebert

Posted on 07/08/2021

Tanja Ebert was reported missing by her husband and sister-in-law on the 10th August, 2017.

The 23-year old mother of two was reported missing two days after the last confirmed sighting of her.

Tanja is believed to have been murdered.

Her husband, Michael Burdon, is the only suspect in relation to her disappearance.

The 41-year old fatally shot himself at the couple’s property, Oulnina Park Station at Manna Hill, on the 16th August, 2017, whilst police were present making inquiries into his wife’s disappearance.

Major Crime investigators believe that there are people in the community who know exactly what happened to Tanja and are encouraged to speak up.

A $200,000 reward is on offer for any information leading to the recovery of her remains.

If you have information you can share what you know without saying who you are or getting involved by calling Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or going to


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