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Cold call scam alert

Posted on 19/08/2016

The public have been warned about a new cold call scam in which members of the public are receiving several calls – sometimes over a period of days – which includes one scammer claiming to be a police officer.

The scam is focused on convincing the victim to transfer their money to an overseas bank account.

It begins with someone making a call to the member of the public claiming to be from a retailer and saying the would-be victim’s credit or debit card has been used to make a purchase in the store.

A follow-up call is then received purporting to be from the fraud area of the potential victim’s financial institution stating that the matter is under investigation and that the police will contact them shortly.

A further call is received from a person claiming to be a senior police officer, who tells the potential victim that in order to safeguard their money, they need to transfer their funds to an overseas based account, the details of which are provided by the caller.

The public are advised that police officers will not request someone transfer their funds to any nominated accounts.

Please discuss this scam with your family, friends and colleagues in order to protect them and remember that if you are contacted by any organisation, company or institution you should independently verify the information they provide.


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