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Crime Stoppers South Australia plays an active role in media, promoting unsolved crimes and encouraging people to provide information anonymously with the option of a reward.

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Dob in a Dealer campaign launched in SA’s Mid-North

Posted on 18/10/2018

Mid-North residents are being asked to help Crime Stoppers South Australia and SA Police to disrupt the manufacture and supply of drugs by reporting anything they know about drug-dealing offences happening within their local community.

The Dob in a Dealer campaign is a nation-wide program funded by the Federal Government to stop Australia’s supply chain of illicit drugs including methylamphetamine (ice), cocaine, MDMA, heroin and cannabis.

Crime Stoppers South Australia Chair, Ms Sharon Hanlon, said “While drug dealers are often hiding in plain sight within regional communities, some people finding it easier to turn a blind eye and not speak out for fear of retaliation – but anonymously contacting Crime Stoppers offers a solution.”

“In South Australia, the last Dob in a Dealer campaign which ran from February 2016 to March 2017 saw more than 240 reports made concerning drug related activity, which contributed to a number of arrests and reports and provided police with numerous strong investigative leads that saw the seizure of an array of drugs, firearms and stolen property,” she said.

“Because regional communities are close-knit, people tend to know who is selling drugs to their family, friends and colleagues. They might feel powerless when it comes to doing something about it or think it’s up to someone else, but let’s not kid ourselves about the damage that drug dealers continue to cause. Sitting back and watching dealers destroy the lives of the people you care about should not be an option. We need people to make a difference by contacting Crime Stoppers and sharing what they know.”

Ms Hanlon said the Mid-North launch of the campaign includes distribution of flyers across the region, advertising in local media, and direct engagement with the community.

“Through Dob in a Dealer, we’re not asking you to dob in your mates. We’re asking you to be a mate and look after the welfare of those you care most about by reporting to Crime Stoppers anything you have seen or heard that could relate to the import, manufacture or supply of any illicit drug.”

“Crime Stoppers is a safe, trusted link between the community and police. We don’t need to know who someone is, just what they know. Even if someone has little more than a suspicion that still might be the piece of the puzzle that can make all the difference – so our message is for people to make the call and choose to stay anonymous,” she said.

If you have any information about someone who is manufacturing or dealing drugs, call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or report online at You can remain anonymous.

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Crime Stoppers is an integral part of community safety across Australia and the state based not-for-profit volunteer-based organisations behind the program play a critical role partnering with law enforcement, the media and local communities to create awareness of criminal issues and collect information through a range of dedicated reporting channels. These details are then passed on to law enforcement agencies to help solve and prevent crime and keep Australian communities and families safe.

Crime Stoppers Australia works to create awareness of issues by raising funds for initiatives that promote a safer Australia.  They also coordinate national appeals and campaigns designed to seek public support for reporting information about suspicious and criminal activities such as the Dob in a Dealer campaign.

If you have information about someone in your community who is manufacturing or supplying drugs, call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, report securely online at or download the Report Suspicious Behaviour app to report.

For more information on Crime Stoppers Australia visit



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