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Things heat up for local drug dealers

Posted on 19/05/2018

Many concerned South Australians have already contacted Crime Stoppers SA with information about ice dealing in their local community in response to a campaign launched in February targeting street level dealers and online drug vendors.

Crime Stoppers South Australia Deputy Chair, Mr Phil Vincent, said a staggering 247% increase in the number of amphetamine-related calls had been experienced since the campaign launched two months ago from people wanting to help stop the supply of ice.

“Thanks to information provided to Crime Stoppers SA, police have acted quickly to locate and shut down three clandestine drug laboratories in South Australia and arrested 10 people for a number of significant amphetamine-related offences including trafficking in large commercial quantities of Controlled Drugs,” Mr Vincent said.

“Information provided through Crime Stoppers has also sparked a number of raids right across the Adelaide metropolitan and regional areas, resulting in illegal drugs and precursor chemicals being seized, including Fantasy, Amphetamine, GHB, and Cannabis,” he said.

“And in addition to drugs, an arsenal of weapons has also been discovered, including knives and an array of firearm and, as well as seizure of a treasure trove of stolen property and cash. We have no doubt that this is only the beginning of great results from our ice campaign thanks to the community.”

Mr Vincent said the campaign would continue across regional and metropolitan locations for the next three months to stay top of mind for people and encourage anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers SA.

“We have seen 360 amphetamine-related information reports raised during February and March, which gives police significant intelligence holdings to action immediately where appropriate or consider as part of a longer-term investigation. The volume of contacts we have experienced so far demonstrates the preparedness of people to step up and stop the hurt being experienced by families,” Mr Vincent said.

“We know that all too often drug dealers are operating their illicit trade in full sight of the community, and they are now being held to account for the crisis they continue to cause by their very own social networks,” he said.

“Someone might have a family member who is an ice addict and they know who the dealer is. Perhaps it is a person that is on the edge of a network of broader friends. Maybe there are odd coming and goings at a neighbour’s house. Whatever the circumstances, people can be confident that Crime Stoppers is a safe, trusted link between the community and police – so our message is to have the courage to make the call and choose to stay anonymous if that suits.”

“While police have to build a case based on hard evidence, people can contact Crime Stoppers even if they have little more than a suspicion. We know that every piece of information can make a real difference.”

The Make the Call. Cut the Supply. Stop the Hurt campaign – launched in partnership with the State Government and SA Police – encourages people to provide anonymous information about street-level and online dealers and manufacturers. The 6-month campaign engages metropolitan and regional communities through radio and TV advertising, online engagement, posters and regional roadshows.

If you have any information about criminals or criminal activity, then call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or report online at

People can remain anonymous and rewards are available.


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