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CASE PROFILE – Emily Wanganeen

Posted on 27/02/2021

Emily Wanganeen is believed to have been killed in a northern suburbs house before being loaded into a vehicle and finally left in an isolated gully at Hillbank.

Investigators believe her naked body was carried for several hundred metres to the isolated site, off Hilltop Rd next to the Boral quarry, where it lay for 14 weeks until two boys stumbled across it. Her clothing was found nearby.

The last confirmed sighting of the mother of four children was on 27 February 2010, in the vicinity of Elizabeth South.

Most likely because of her transient lifestyle and the fact she had no fixed abode, she was only reported missing by family members on 17 March.

A post-mortem examination of Ms Wanganeen was unable to determine her cause of death, but due to the surrounding circumstances her death has been declared a major crime.

Police have been unable to discount whether her death may have been connected to her drug habit and that she may have owed money to a dealer in the area.

One of the strongest leads in this case came via a call to Crime Stoppers in December 2016 in which the caller provided specific information relating to Ms Wanganeen’s death.

The information suggested she had been murdered by people associated with the drug scene and that she was killed at a particular location. That prompted a plea for the caller to again make contact to allow investigators to speak more at length, particularly about the vehicle that was used to transport her body after she was murdered

A reward of up to $200,000 remains on offer to anyone who provides information that leads to the conviction of the person or persons responsible for this suspected murder.



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