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CASE PROFILE – Peter Livingstone

Posted on 07/03/2022

Peter Livingstone was last seen at a unit in Crozier Terrace, Oaklands Park during the afternoon of Saturday 6 March 1993.

The 32-year old had been looking after the unit for a friend.

At about 2pm that day he was in another unit talking with a friend when they decided to go to the Warradale Hotel. The associate went into a bedroom to change and when he came out Mr Livingstone was gone.

Detectives checked whether Mr Livingstone went to the hotel alone but he was not seen there that night.

A check with the owner of the flat Mr Livingstone was looking after found that his watch, sandshoes and other clothing were still there.

On 19 March 1993 Mr Livingstone’s severed arms and legs were located wrapped in clothing and a curtain and placed in garbage bags in a storm drain at Westcliff Estate at Marino.

His head and torso have never been located.

Despite extensive investigations, the motive for the murder and why the killer dismembered Mr Livingstone’s body remains unclear.

Mr Livingstone was an itinerant who stayed mostly with friends in a large block of Housing Trust flats bordered by Selway St, Crozier Tce and Johnstone Rd, at Oaklands Park.

He drank heavily, had relatively few possessions and worked infrequently as a labourer for a VIP lawnmowing contractor.

A $200,000 reward is on offer for information leading to a conviction and/or the recovery of his remains.


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