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How to stay safe this Halloween

Posted on 29/10/2019

On Thursday, 31st October there are sure to be plenty of children who use Halloween as the perfect excuse to dress up, have fun and go trick or treating around the neighbourhood.

Even though the annual event has its origins in the United States, Halloween has become a popular past time for Australian children too.

But before heading out, it is a good idea for parents and care givers to talk with youngsters about the tips below on how to behave, stay safe and have an enjoyable Halloween:

  • Always make sure that a child is accompanied by a trusted, responsible person when ‘trick or treating’
  • Children are best to walk, not run, when going from house to house.
  • Make sure to obey all traffic rules, watch out for cars, and use proper road crossings where available.
  • Stay on the footpath at all times. If there is no footpath, walk single file on the right-hand side of the road facing traffic.
  • Take extra care when crossing roads as children may find it hard to see so well in a costume.
  • If using a skateboard, rollerblades or bikes, make sure a helmet is worn.
  • After knocking on a door then children or young people should not enter the person’s house, even if invited inside while the person looks for treats.
  • Sometimes, a homeowner may not want to participate, or selects a trick instead of providing a treat. Children and young people should be told that any trick mustn’t cause them harm, fear, damage or be abusive in any way.
  • Be respectful of other people, because not everyone celebrates Halloween. Some people will be genuinely concerned or fearful of any doorknockers. If you are aware of someone like that, make sure children know not to bother them.
  • A great option to ‘trick or treating’ is holding a Halloween party at home; that way children are supervised and can still celebrate.



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