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The 31-year murder mystery of Peter Seaford

Posted on 12/03/2020

Peter Seaford was attacked between 4 and 4.45am on March 12, 1989 at Whyalla.

An hour earlier the well-known local had left the Essington Lewis Ave unit he shared with his partner Anne Marron when an alarm was triggered by a break-in at his service station, which was just 500 metres away.

When he arrived at the business alone he found a car engine part had been used to smash the front door.

Because he did not have his keys, he rang his partner of five years and asked her to bring the keys to him so he could turn the alarm off.

It is believed at that point he became concerned about the cash he had left at his home and returned there for a short time before going back to the service station.

He returned home a short time later, after police told him that a neighbouring unit had also been broken into.

It is believed that when he arrived home again he disturbed his killers.

Despite his serious injuries he managed to call the service station, which was answered by Ms Marron.

After listening to his softly spoken last words, Ms Marron went to her brother’s home, wrongly thinking the caller may have been him.

After speaking with him she realised it was Peter and returned to their unit where she found him on the loungeroom floor lying next to the telephone with serious head injuries.

His flat had been ransacked and he had suffered extensive injuries to both arms when defending himself during the violent attack.

He died several hours later in hospital from multiple blows to his head inflicted by a heavy blunt object.

A crude balaclava made from the leg of a pair of tracksuit pants was found at the scene and is thought to have been ripped from the attacker’s head during the incident.

While Mr Seaford’s attackers stole the business takings, between $500 and $1,000, they missed other cash hidden in the unit.

Based on information from neigbours, investigators believe more than one person was involved.

Enquiries have also found that Mr Seaford’s previous home had been targeted just over 12 months before he was killed, presumably also for the takings from the service station.

Investigators believe details of a ‘unique’ phone call received in 2006 could help them solve this cold case murder.

That person contacted a random person and asked them to provide the information to police. The person who received the call did so, and police believe the instigator called back to make sure the information had been passed on.

A second call was received when a person contacted Crime Stoppers via the website on 17 February and provided information that suggested they have knowledge about the murder.

A reward of up to $200,000 remains on offer for information that leads to a conviction in this case.

If you have any information, please call 1800 333 000 or make a report at

You can remain anonymous – it’s about what you know, not who you are.


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