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Crime Stoppers South Australia plays an active role in media, promoting unsolved crimes and encouraging people to provide information anonymously with the option of a reward.

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When seconds count it’s important to know the right number to call

Posted on 23/05/2022

With some people unsure about when they should contact Crime Stoppers versus Police Assistance and Triple 000, Crime Stoppers South Australia is using national Crime Stoppers Day on Monday, 23 May 2022 to set the record straight through its Make the Right Call campaign.

Crime Stoppers South Australia CEO, Nigel Smart said the national campaign reminds people about when to contact Crime Stoppers to share information about unsolved crime and suspicious activity, the types of incidents that should be directed to police assistance, and what number to call in an emergency.

“Most people understand that calling Triple Zero (000) should be done in a life-threatening emergency, but we still know of examples where someone dials 000 because they want directions, feel the need to complain about bad customer service, report hearing loud bangs and to query parking issues,” Mr Smart said.

“In a genuine emergency these incorrect calls can place a strain on the system at a time when every second counts,” he said.

“We are using Crime Stoppers Day to let people know that Crime Stoppers wants information about all types of crime and suspicious behaviour and a tip can be submitted online or through our freecall national hotline if you want to speak with an operator.”

In Australia, 000 is the main emergency service number for urgent help from police, fire or ambulance services and should be used when someone is seriously injured or in need of urgent medical help, the caller’s life or property is being threatened or they just witnessed a serious accident or crime.

The 131 444 Police Assistance number should be used when someone is a victim of a crime, and in circumstances that are not life-threatening or a time-critical emergency. The Police Assistance Line operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and allows someone to report a crime and with general police inquiries. When a police response is required, the Police Assistance Line will arrange for a patrol to attend.

When someone has seen, heard or knows something about a crime or suspicious activity that is no longer happening, they can contact Crime Stoppers by going to or calling 1800 333 000.

When someone contacts Crime Stoppers they do not have to say who they are or get involved, and can share information about people wanted by police, unsolved crimes and future crime, people who they know or suspect have committed crime and have not been apprehended and any suspicious or unusual activity.

“Crime Stoppers is here for everyone and every type of crime. Even the smallest piece of information can make a big difference and a safer community can be achieved by people contacting us and sharing what they know.”

In Australia, someone contacts Crime Stoppers every minute to share information about an array of unsolved crimes and suspicious activity that is then passed to police and leads to an average of 100 apprehensions every week across the nation.

Crime Stoppers Day is held annually across Australia. This year, Crime Stoppers Day is being held on Monday 23rd May to encourage everyday Australians to help solve or prevent crimes by sharing what they know.


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