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Don’t let social media weaken your home security this Easter

Posted on 29/03/2018

Thousands of people across South Australia are doing that last bit of packing before heading off for a well-deserved 4-day Easter break, but sharing your getaway excitement over social media could actually do more harm than good when it comes to your home security.

Crime Stoppers SA Chair, Ms Sharon Hanlon, said: “That ‘about to head off’ selfie picture out the front of your house with the car or caravan packed could be all an opportunistic thief needs to strike while you are away, because they know what your house looks like and that you aren’t going to be home.”

“Parents should also be vigilant when it comes to their children’s social media habits and take the time to discuss with them how to be safe online – especially the dangers of revealing holiday plans or geo-tagging snaps while away because it can give a savvy thief up-to-the-minute details on your whereabouts,” Ms Hanlon said.

“It is always a good idea to review your family’s security protection and privacy settings on social media to make sure they are at the safest levels possible. Remember that a picture or status update might inadvertently reveal details such as your house number, street address, what your home looks like, when and where you are going on holidays and when you are likely to return – it’s the cyberspace equivalent of leaving your front door unlocked and wide open.”

Other home security tips to consider:

Lock up before you leave – unlocked windows and doors continue to be the biggest security weakness for many Australian homes, so check that all are locked, and make sure that sheds, garage doors, and side gates are all locked too. If you have a security system then check to make sure it is working properly and remember to turn it on!

Hide away spare keys – don’t hide them in a plant pot or under the mat. Give a spare set of keys to someone you trust or take them with you. If you have any cars left at home, then hide the keys to prevent thieves stealing your vehicle too.

Sensor lights – if you already have them, turn them on and make sure they are working to spotlight any would-be thief lurking in the shadows. Give your home that lived-in look by investing in light timers to turn some lights on and off at intervals while you’re gone.

Mail and newspapers – Ask someone trusted to collect any mail or newspapers while you’re away because piled up papers in the letterbox and front yard are a sure sign that you’re not at home.

Pack away outdoor equipment – outdoor belongings can also attract thieves, so pack away valuable outdoor equipment and furniture, tools, solar panel lights, sports gear and toys, and bicycles.

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